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  • 국내외 다양한 전시경험을 바탕으로 기업의 마케팅/프로모션 행사를 성공적으로 수행하며, 창의적이고 독창적인 아이디어로 기획, 디자인, 설계, 제작, 시공 및 관리 운영에 이르는 One Stop Service 를 통해 기업의 Brand 가치창출을 제공합니다.

    We successfully complete the marketing&promotion events based on lots of exhibition experience all over the world and make the utmost efforts in pursuit of brand profit from ONE-STOP SERVICE offering design planning,design, manufacturing, construction, management and operation.

    Special exhibition / Overseas exhibition / Trade fair / Convention / Exposition / Road show / Virtual Booth

    Gallery / Office space / Commercial space / Living environment

    Public Identity
    Museum / PR center / Cultural & Public facility space / Renewal

    Brand Identity
    Show room / Renewal / Brand shop / Manual / Package

    Facade / Graphic / Signage / Event & Promotion / Motion graphic / Media